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    Monika Wittig

    By SkyeArchitectureBlog
    Apr 3, '13 11:16 PM EST

     Living Forces

    In her presentation, Monika talked excitedly about her work and her interest in fabrication design. She showed us how using a program called RHINO and machines such as mills was possible to create new designs, living designs from wood or other materials, simply by typing in a 'code' for the machine to read. All of it was interesting because she showed a different side of design and architecture, one more computerized and technical. She talked with enthusiasm about how approaching design through fabrication was amazing and took her and her students around the world, doing workshops for others to learn their techniques.  Around the world, people are taking on this new skill to create custom designs such as this:

    Something amazing as this is created through computers and machines, rather than cutting bristol paper with an x-acto knife.

    So, overall Monika's presentation was very inspiring to those who want the various aspects architecture can take on. There's an infinite amount of ways to tackle architecture and design something amazing, and I think that's what she wanted to get through to us the most.

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