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    Charlie O'Geen

    By hsieh
    Apr 1, '13 12:28 AM EST

    Charlie O'Geen

    "Charlie O’Geen’s work involves site-specific, architectural investigations that respond directly to the conditions of the site and often utilize found objects as building materials. He received a BSArch and an MArch from SUNY Buffalo and then went on to earn a second MArch from Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Charlie currently lives in Detroit, Michigan working independently on full-scale architectural and building projects." - Texas Tech University: College of Architecture

    Instead of presenting one's design of a building, Charlie O'Geen presented his "study" projects.  Most of his works related to structure analysis, energy analysis, and studies of space.  He presented a light bulb and a lemon creating a charge - something like the ones from a science fair. Another interesting example of his study is the "Fridge Bridge." Just as the name implies, it is a bridge made out of 3 welded refrigerators.

    His most remarkable projects was the 760 Wagner House Project, a study of overlapping masonry construction.  Before it was planned to be demolished, they extracted as much excess materials as possible from the abandoned masonry house.  For example, they removed the cinderblocks from the facade and the main floor was cut away from the exterior.  In other words, the floor was able to sway horizontally with only vertical support.  

    One unbelievable story of his was how he bought a Detroit House for $1100. He took out parts to investigate the structure of the building  he had an opening at the ground level and showed a video of how the progress was made.  He only had a small box for him to live in, which was pretty funny.  Overall, I do appreciate how he uses "abandoned" materials to conduct research.  It is certainly a green method that doesn't leave additional environmental consequences. 

    (Author: Akira Ishikawa)

    760 Wagner House Project

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