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    Ready, Set, Go!

    Jason Nam
    Mar 23, '13 1:59 PM EST

    Here is a quick recap of what has been going on with the environmental pavilion:

    1. Workshops, workshops, workshops
    In the course of 2 weeks, we had workshops after workshops researching types of pavilions, wood materials and their reaction to environment, fabrication techniques, and parametric programing. 

    Rhino + Grasshopper workshop

    Teaming up with the students from LFD (codename: forest people), we went to visit their laboratories dedicated to wood research. To be honest, I thought all forestry students did was just hangout in the forest (hence the codename). It was fascinating to see how much lab research can be done with wood,

    2. Design proposals

    Each student at ARCHIP came up with a design proposal for the environmental pavilion and consulted with our leaders Marie and Martin. Here is an excerpt from our brief:

    Students will design and build a pavilion in maximum area of 25m² and height 5m that will stand on Alšovo nábřeží in front of the AAAD. The pavilion will serve to public events such as the reSITE festival and the Aerofilms' summer screenings. The material is a pine wood. The design will cover not only social but also environmental aspects. The students will work with the pavilion's behavior in climatic conditions such as humidity, sun light and air flow as well as with its acoustic qualities. The research on the use of the living organisms that will enable specific performance of panelling will be considered. It should be possible to dismantle the pavilion and build it in front of the CZU after the summer.

    3. Presentation

    The students presented their proposals to the reSITE team - Marie Davidová, Martin Gsandtner, and Osamu Okamura - and the winner was announced the next day. And the winner was... (to be revealed on the next post)!

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