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    Old Delhi Alleys

    By amlocke
    Aug 3, '12 10:46 PM EST

    A thin, dark cavern is carved through the dense urban skin of Old Delhi. The array of tandoori ovens and open burners turn the alley into a furnace at times. Whole chickens are displayed on skewers, flys buzzing from the reshmi kebab to the seekh kebab and back again. An old man sits alone, somewhat surprised by my being. I offer friendship and a photo, and he gladly accepts.

    Six men were carrying bags of cement into the exoskeleton of what was once a hotel. I asked the 14-year-old foreman if I could help carry the bags. He shook his head no, but offered my entrance into the building as consolation. I graciously accepted, proceeding into the dark and musty stairwell. Bamboo scaffolding, bound with twine, holds tired old men as a small boy welds without a mask. Another worker was taking a break on the balcony, while a police officer who was observing the labor, quickly escorted me out of the building.


    Entrance is always met with warm greetings

    A regal old man waits

    There is an excess of labor, and this man is lucky to have his job

    A well deserved break, away from the dust inside the building

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