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Jul '12 - Jan '13

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    Mental Limbo

    By amlocke
    Jul 28, '12 6:49 PM EST

    The daunting thought of 24 hours packed in an aluminum tube, given no more space than the terrarium I had as a child, is dulled by the surprising ease to which tranquility has entered my mind. The infinite day, to which I have so lately been inclined, is substituted itself to 24 hours of nothingness - a mental limbo - it's invitation to which I have graciously accepted. This infinity is manifested in the sky outside my window, which at times blends into the sea.

    Neither fear, nor anxiousness resides in my heart as I slowly accumulate the thoughts and feelings of my European days. The heightened awareness, which accompanies me on my travels, is as though I have traveled back to prehistoric times when man was so accustomed to violence and ill will. The steady checking and rechecking of personal belongings, and questioning of my brethren will become as routine to me as the American's television.

    To these thoughts I make haste, venturing into a world, which will soon become familiar.

    Freightliners charge towards the eastern horizon carrying those shoes you just ordered on Amazon.


    aaron locke
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An Indo Inquisition is a thirteen-week train expedition across India. The journey will document the influences of international modernism and British occupation, as well as compare the effects of wealth accumulation, culture, religion, and poverty with economic growth and their effect on the built environment.

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