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    Closing time.

    Micah McKelvey
    Feb 7, '12 6:54 PM EST

    Before I archive this blog (for now at least), I decided I should write one final post just in case someone of the future comes across this little piece of history and wonders what the hell happened.

    A decent amount of time has passed yet it still seems recent in my mind that I said good bye to Kent State in May, graduating with a B.S. in Architecture.  Our final comprehensive studio wrapped up nicely and, considering the circumstances all we were asked to do, I'm fairly proud of what we accomplished that semester.  The process was a very difficult but worthwhile eye opener.  You can view the main result of that project, our design development drawing set, here.  After we completed our work at Kent, my project partner Chris Schoenlein and I had an opportunity to take our work to the University of Kentucky College of Design and participate in a design charrette they hosted with Gregory Romine and Martin Summers.  The entire experience was fantastic and the results of that weekend should be published on Axis Facades' website soon.  I'll leave the direct link in the comments when it shows up.

    Since May I've been taking my time figuring out what I want to do next.  Especially in regards to the lasting recession and current state of the architecture industry, jumping into a grad program seemed like a thoughtless, bad move.  Instead, I've been taking time to reconnect with friends and family and enjoy a slower pace of life for a bit.  Time that I've now realized I desperately needed.  

    At this point I have no idea where my future is headed.  It very well may not be in the direction of licensing, and with luck the next few years of experiences will help me decide what's best for me.  You can take a look at a portfolio of selected undergraduate works of mine here.  

    Thanks for reading over the past couple of years and look for a new Kent State blogger here on Archinect in the near future!

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