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Jan '12 - Feb '12

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    Mexico and Earth Architecture

    By dustinfjames
    Jan 24, '12 3:40 PM EST

    Mexico has gotten a bad rap these last several years. When Americans talk about the country as a whole there is an overall fear, concern, and even disdain for our southern neighbor. But I can tell you as someone who has been crossing the border from Los Angeles to Baja California for the last 3 years that it really is okay to go and visit and enjoy the beauty of Mexico; it's people, food, and terrain. Obviously, I'd caution you to be as inconspicuous as possible, but for the most part if you stay away from large border towns/cities, don't do or sell drugs, and keep a low profile you will have the best time!

    I've been going to Mexico to construct an Ecodome. It's a form of earth architecture created and perfected by the team at I and fifty of my closest friends (haha) went back and forth from the US to San Jacinto, Mexico (approx. 3.5 hrs south of Tijuana) to build this structure pictured here. With this blog I'd like to give you several opportunities to get involved with this project or just go and see what this earth architecture is like.

    1. Eco-tourism - if you'd like to visit the Ecodome and stay in it for a night or weekend please contact me: We only ask that you give a small donation ($20) to the caretakers, Jose Luis and his wife, Anjela.

    2. Help design and build future Ecodomes or sustainable projects - The site where we have been working is approximately 12 acres of land with only 3 existing structures. There's plenty of room to expand and develop. Again, contact me here:

    3. Visit - Every month on the first Saturday Calearth holds an open house where you can view and learn about 15 - 20 earth structures they have on site. It's fascinating and fun. Go here for details:


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Approximately two and half years ago my colleague and I started a sustainable land development project 3.5 hours driving distance south of the border of Tijuana. We've developed ideas and constructed them, including a completed Ecodome (see for the sake of aide and betterment for local Mexican people in the region. This blog would be one way to communicate opportunities to get involved with this project by designing, donating, or constructing.

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