Earth architecture and sustainable land development ideas for Baja California, Mexico.



Jan '12 - Feb '12

  • Mexico and Earth Architecture

    By dustinfjames
    Jan 24, '12 3:40 PM EST

    Mexico has gotten a bad rap these last several years. When Americans talk about the country as a whole there is an overall fear, concern, and even disdain for our southern neighbor. But I can tell you as someone who has been crossing the border from Los Angeles to Baja California for the last... View full entry

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Approximately two and half years ago my colleague and I started a sustainable land development project 3.5 hours driving distance south of the border of Tijuana. We've developed ideas and constructed them, including a completed Ecodome (see for the sake of aide and betterment for local Mexican people in the region. This blog would be one way to communicate opportunities to get involved with this project by designing, donating, or constructing.

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