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    India (Fall 2011)

    Nikhil Shah
    Jan 3, '12 12:48 PM EST



    • Nikhil was this a personal or school related visit? What part of India? I visited back in 2008 and had an amazing time. Been wanting to go back ever since. Also are you still finishing up at NCSU? What do you know about their grad (specifically PhD) programs? I have heard a few good things and have looked at them myself....

      Any strong opinions one way or the other?

      Jan 8, 12 1:15 pm  · 

      Oh and the link for my photos is

      Jan 8, 12 1:16 pm  · 

      the first photo is in bombay (ambani tower in background)

      second photo was taken in a small town near Panvel.

      i finished up the bachelors of arch. program last may, this trip was a present from my father.

      i'm not sure what PhD options there are specifically in architecture. i do remember there being a PhD of Design.



      Jan 10, 12 5:49 pm  · 

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