Archinect - North Carolina State University (Nikhil) 2017-08-19T16:53:45-04:00 India (Fall 2011) Nikhil Shah 2012-01-03T12:48:00-05:00 >2012-01-11T01:47:49-05:00 <p> <img alt="" src=""></p> <p> <img alt="" src=""></p> <p> &nbsp;</p> 1/2 ass Nikhil Shah 2010-12-13T15:31:46-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>so we got checklists after the final review? what the fuck?<br><br> comments from said checklist:<br><br> "why this bldg form"<br><br> "attitude undermines the project... don't be smug"<br><br> "are you thumbing your nose or making simple architecture... not making magic. idea has not been developed."<br><br> "interior sections are flat. bad acoustics, bad temperature swings."<br><br> "loaded with opportunities, but many are missed."<br><br> another semester of not giving a shit.<br> check!</p> one and a half months in... Nikhil Shah 2010-10-03T17:16:31-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:19-04:00 <p>and i'm still adjusting? to re-cap i spent the past year working/bummin' in california and now i'm back wrapping up my bachelors of architecture (one year).<br><br><img src=""><br><br> i never would have thought adjusting would be this hard, probably why people don't return to school for a while after they leave. more recently... things seem to be more under control.<br><br><img src=""><br><br> raleigh as a city has gotten to be more of itself, hipsters etc, not a bad thing. too much to do every weekend, though.<br><br><img src=""><br><br><img src=""><br><br> the fifth year program at state has taken a turn from what I remember, mostly because of a change in faculty (certain folk retiring). the structure of the studio is more... flexible in terms of process and presentation, but certain things (stipulations) have me wondering about program-accreditation (are there minimums?)...<br><br><img src=""><br><br> so this is lindsey, probably one of my favoritest people in the world. lindsey lives on a diet of mountain dew, peanut butter, nutter butter bars and bojangles. she doesn't sleep very much, but is one of th...</p> whats new? Nikhil Shah 2010-08-14T16:56:42-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:19-04:00 <p>last i was here... i was finishing up a bachelors of science in arch (unaccredited, 4 years)<br><br> i took a year off, working in california for a small firm doing research &amp; exhibition work which yall might be familiar with.<br><br> i left my position at the office a bit prematurely with some notions of producing <a href="" target="_blank">music</a>, and spent the last few months working on a release coming out the beginning of next month. i returned to the east coast about two months ago via crazy <a href="" target="_blank">roadtrip</a> with a good friend from los angeles (this time south route).<br><br> now i'm back in raleigh more or less to finish up a degree... school starts next week...<br><br><img src="" alt="19160007"></p> i guess Nikhil Shah 2010-07-05T18:02:44-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>this shit isn't done??? i'm going back to ncsu to finish up my undergrad b.arch degree...<br><br> will be posting things, projects, stupid stuff<br><br> cheers<br> -n</p> shameless Nikhil Shah 2009-05-23T20:57:26-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>i graduated two weeks ago<br><br> this shit is soooooooo done.<br><br> any takers?</p> BUY MY CHAIR Nikhil Shah 2009-05-05T10:25:20-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br> serious inquirers - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> simple truths Nikhil Shah 2009-04-10T23:38:24-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>most architects don't know how to dance or throw parties<br><br> except ashe house!<br> they know<br><br> has anyone seen le dernier combat?<br> movie is badass!</p> a peaceful recourse Nikhil Shah 2009-04-04T12:32:17-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>A friend told me that architecture was like an abusive spouse. You keep loving them, and they just keep hitting you.<br><br> Another friend recently told me that architecture was your girlfriend(who you love) for the past four years that you just proposed to, but she said no.<br><br> I'm not sure where I fall anymore in relationship to architecture. Maybe we've just fallen out. Maybe it's not me and architecture, just the institutions that keep us apart.<br><br> I'm not sure what I'm doing after I graduate this May. I had a number of options and even a *gasp* plan, but things don't seem to be working out. Part of it is obvious reasons, the other is... pure mystery.<br><br> Regardless, it looks like I'm going to be diversifying. Hopefully nothing too juvenile!</p> i've been thinking about Nikhil Shah 2009-03-20T09:46:27-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>the next year, how up in the air it is<br> guessing its probably same for everyone else graduating<br> it's either a research grant or a restaurant!<br><br> neither of which i would mind<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br></p> fuck this snow bullshit Nikhil Shah 2009-03-03T17:59:49-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>i'm getting tired of the weather here. it's spring break.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> nike-polar-clock-inspired-watch in progress<br><br> i'm spending this spring break rather quietly, working on a quantity of things at a comfortable pace(8AM-5PM) everyday, things ranging from fellowship applications to chairs, watches to fashion shows, djing to... zumthor. movies too.<br><br> spent a good three hours getting the norwegian maple ready for the chair, lots of knots and twists, now just side-side gluing... and of course the steel work.<br><br> pictures later<br> maybe<br><br> sorry for the f-bombs</p> alga Nikhil Shah 2009-02-24T09:51:13-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>I dare not discuss the epistemological implications of the laser cutter. <br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a></p> so few Nikhil Shah 2009-02-20T13:54:17-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <i>baroque as fuck</i> film series<br> exquisite corpse (andrei codrescu)<br> nike watch<br> grosseteste <i>on light</i><br> gadamer<br> graduation<br> luckyme glasgow<br> radioshow<br> summer<br> fellowships<br> work<br> defer<br> indesign<br> rollerskating rinks<br> bars<br> perez-gomez<br> house parties<br> panties<br> professional<br> car-seat<br> mdf<br> spooky<br> apollo heights<br><br> the question concerning... Nikhil Shah 2009-01-30T02:24:00-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>graduation<br> paperwork<br> braggadocio<br><br> i'm doing something architectural this semester(apart from job hunting, applying to 5th yr.) involving research and love and the baroque and things.<br><br> in the meanwhile<br> i made pens<br> now onto sporting goods<br><img src=""><br> rollin rollin rollin<br> aint slept in weeks<br><br> images can be seen in some vague essence at the bottom <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> along with everything else i've had a chance to vague-essence</p> jammerz Nikhil Shah 2008-12-30T21:11:48-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>I'm done with architecture coursework for the next 6-18 months(depending on state of things). We're required to apply for to the 5th Yr program to have an accredited degree, and fortunately we can defer enrollment for up to a year.<br><br> I'm hoping to work, travel, re-read, etc. In that sense it's liberating. Thinking about jobs is another thing.<br><br> Now just to plug away at this printed portfolio...<br><br> people still use those?</p> graduated cylinders Nikhil Shah 2008-12-04T11:39:20-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>Finished with architecture school for the next... 6-18 months. We had our final studio critique yesterday, the last architectural project required for acquiring a BEDA...<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> The project still isn't finished, as a presentation or as an architectural project. The crit went well, though. We we're lucky enough to have our new School of Architecture director and a familiar adjunct professor. Some interesting discussions...<br></p> back to old things Nikhil Shah 2008-11-06T00:54:01-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:15-04:00 <p>elections are over. finally<br><img src=""><br><br> i swear<br> if somebody would/could pay me to do 3d...<br> i would<br><br> i wonder if my school knows i represent them?!?!?!<br><br></p> Halloween Bash - Priceless Nikhil Shah 2008-10-29T11:39:19-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:15-04:00 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> image goes to flickr entry<br> design school threw another baller halloween party cheating Nikhil Shah 2008-10-16T09:18:47-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>wrapping up old projects, things due weeks ago<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> image link goes to flickr entry<br><br> We're now onto designing a school of arc for downtown raleigh, a mixed use tower of sorts. Working in partners(always a good thing). We're in formal design development, a stage which I've chosen to ignore in projects for the past two years (outside of sculpture).<i> Seems pretty old fashioned.</i> Making something and sticking to it? Things change a lot.<br><br> I've decided I am going to apply for my 5th yr B.Arch. here. I found out you can defer up to a year. Now, just a printed portfollio... which again, <i>seems pretty old fashioned</i>.<br><br><br></p> archi-photos, convenience Nikhil Shah 2008-10-11T00:15:54-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>FALL LECTURE SERIES<br><br> MAURICE COX<br> RENE PERALTA<br> TOSHIKO MORI<br><br> short, no?<br> --------------<br> School has been school. This is the last architecture class I have to take in order to receive my 4 year degree(I have to apply to the 5th year). No photos because this is my last architecture studio, and subsequently no work gets produced on time.<br><br> you know what this is?<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> image links go to flickr entry</p> In retrospect Nikhil Shah 2008-09-25T11:06:16-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>I wish I didn't do an undergraduate degree in architecture.<br><br> I like being young, though.</p> WE GOT IT FOR CHEAP Nikhil Shah 2008-09-07T11:14:38-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><br> money shots, this site has more: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br> at the bottom offertunities Nikhil Shah 2008-09-02T11:27:46-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>things are quiet<br><br> school is school<br><br> it might be senior-itis<br><br> side projects:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br></p> Post No Bills Nikhil Shah 2008-07-17T23:35:40-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>I suppose it's a fair place in time to start talking about school again since I just got the invoice for fall tuition.<br><br> ANT 254 601 LANGUAGE &amp; CULTURE<br> ARC 401 001 ARCH.DESIGN:URBAN<br> BIO 105 001 BIO MODERN WORLD<br> BIO 106 004 BIO MOD WORLD LAB <br> PE 101 002 FITNESS &amp; WELLNESS <br> SOC 261 002 TECH IN SOC &amp; CULT<br><br> Look at all those general ed requirements. It was about time anyway. Graduating on time, hopefully. Studio is supposedly set in the downtown location, meaning I might have to buy a bicycle. In other news majority of my graduating class is studying abroad in Prague this fall. Things should be quiet(er)? Things will be interesting.<br><br> full of hope!</p> newer things Nikhil Shah 2008-05-14T00:38:15-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br> So San Diego is alright. I've eaten a share of burritos and commuted numerous hours a day and walked my first nudie beach(outside the Salk Institute). Miller says "I wonder how Roger Clark would have diagrammed that." amongst the constellations Nikhil Shah 2008-04-26T12:59:08-04:00 >2012-05-14T09:16:03-04:00 <p>So things are wrapping up around here. Our studio took down the installation yesterday and now we're brainstorming where to install some of the scraps...<br><br> There is a video of the crane work involved, and approximately 4 gigs worth of photos to go through. NewRaleigh put up an article on it, too.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br> We had a review on our documentation of said cube which turned out to be pretty interesting. Lots of photos, drawings, paintings even. It was a good reminder of how much of a jerk I can be at times.<br><br> There's still the matter of the Louis Sullivan brick competition ($$$), meaning I'll be working on the previous-assigned final project of a building or something. I'm planning on working on a video... maybe a few collage renderings and a section.<br><br> The D492C Materials + Experience exhibit is coming together, all that's left to do is the video. The exhibit reception is this friday.<br><br> Then there is the matter of moving to San Diego for a summer i...</p> STUDIO GANG /// METACUBE?!?!??! Nikhil Shah 2008-04-19T10:03:46-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <img src=""><br><br> Jeanne is probably one of the healthiest architects I've seen come out of OMA and do her own thing. I don't remember much of the lecture, but talking to her was a really refreshing experience. It was interesting having her lecture after Prince-Ramus(REX); definitely a good contrast.<br><br> So lecture series is over.<br><br> Our studio just finished an installation in the Brooks Courtyard entitled metacube. It's big and rotated. I'll post some photos upon reviewing the lot of them. We have videos, too. Thanks to two weeks worth of straight work and Clancy + Theys construction. An appropriate way to end the semester. Poetics vs Poetry Nikhil Shah 2008-04-14T10:58:40-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <img src=""><br><br> Tzonis' lecture was on systems, analytic to heuristic to.... analogous and didactic. He spoke at length about processes, poetics vs poetry, and briefly about his case study, Calatrava. Structuralism, joy, were all mentioned in the process. I really like him.<br><br> He's writing a book about forgotten participants in architectural history... a few of which taught at NC State, which put him in the archives for most of his time during the day. Part of it is related to the technological history of our school - Buckminister Fuller, Eduardo Catalano - and that feeds into his argument about structural didactics.<br><br> ------------------------------------------------<br><br> So our studio final got put on pause to do an installation - a structure to support two objects above the kiva outside the grad school. We chose one scheme out of all our entries, a giant steel cube, approximately 22' in height rotated in two axis 45 degrees and place on top of the kiva. We've had a week to do it and it's been he... Parking Deck Piazza, Pt 1 Nikhil Shah 2008-04-02T23:57:05-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>The semester is coming to a close, and we kind of have a final project. Maybe. More of a charrette, another one. More of a charrette because of the time span, not the project itself. Well the project is vague in a lame way. A recreation center(bullshit?) with no fixed program, just a menu to pick and choose(bullshit?). It's also pseudo mixed use due to a requirement of retail space(no fixed sq footage) and due to the site(Glenwood Ave? Path? Border? Neighborhood? Urban? Edge?).<br><br> So digital models, blue foam, collage, sections. The site is adjacent to a parking deck so I'm trying to make use of that, except the double-tees aren't oriented in a favorable manner for intervention.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br> Link goes to video.<br></p> Living Legends: Social Space Nikhil Shah 2008-03-25T13:30:38-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <img src=""><br><br> Hertzberger was probably the most famous architect to have come by while I've been in school. In relation to the previous lectures that have come through this year, I don't know if I can say it was worthwhile beyond the name. In the context of a lecture, that is. Talking to him in person earlier was much more fascinating.<br><br> The lecture was titled Social Space, and focused mostly on the importance of social interaction in living and development(specifically with the Montessori schools). The lecture started off with the more general organizational ideas, such as the building being a microcosm of the city(Central Beheer Offices) to more specific instances such as the signature Hertzberger stairs and alternating balconies. He spoke a lot about addressing conditions, and a lot against the idea of architect as artist.<br><br> So, good.