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    In building a design school for the state of Israel, the Jewish State, is there a necessity in having a design relationship with the culture of Judaism?

    Jeremy Aranoff
    Dec 10, '11 4:21 PM EST


    • SuperKing

      If you can build where this wall is, then you are onto something. Until then, the world will know only this zionist architecture.

      Dec 10, 11 7:17 pm  · 

      Are you saying a Jewish architecture can only be a militant architecture?

      Dec 11, 11 4:02 pm  · 

      No, not militant architecture. Apartheid architecture.

      Dec 12, 11 3:24 am  · 

      The idea of placing the design academy at the wall is interesting.  Although, the concept of all Jewish architecture in Israel being fundamentally a representation (or realization) of the occupation isn't necessarily original (  & ).  Are you suggesting that the two most important elements in a design school for the state of Israel would be to situate the building at the site of the occupation wall, and in making a clear identification of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis? 

      Dec 12, 11 4:27 am  · 

      Don't be so coy or literal (correct me if I am wrong.) 

      Tear down the apartheid wall and stop building illegal apartheid settlements on Palestinian lands before talking about Jewish state's architectural identity. Like I said earlier, the strongest identity of built environment vis-a-vis architecture the world community can attribute to Israel, as the Jewish state, now, has to do with those two images I posted above.

      Within your thesis, how and what are you planning to deal with those two powerful issues depicted on those images? What is your position about them? 

      Dec 12, 11 2:20 pm  · 

      I appreciate your comments, although I don't really understand your logic in the necessity of addressing the state peace process - security - "apartheid" issues as the first step in establishing an architectural language for Jewish architecture in Israel.  The Bauhaus architectural landscape of Tel Aviv was simultaneously realized under tremendous political, ideological, military, and resource pressures.  I think exploring the idea of creating architecture using concepts found in Judaism and situating them in Israel is appropriate and not necessarily reliant on saving the two nations.

      Dec 12, 11 3:19 pm  · 

      If you are going to separate architecture from the life on the ground, what use of whatever you will come up with? A pastiche perhaps? An architecture of white wash? Something the Jewish settlers can decorate their horrific apartheid villages with? What are you, a decorator or an architect? A Jewish state is a dense political animal and you can't conveniently separate this components when developing an architectural identity for it. Your paper is getting less and less substantial because of your dodging the real issues and missions.  

      Dec 12, 11 4:43 pm  · 

      You could always Build  a New Brooklyn in is about as Jewish a  Statement as you can get.

      Dec 12, 11 6:05 pm  · 

      You're entitled to your opinions. 

      Dec 13, 11 10:26 am  · 

      The idea of a relationship between religion and architecture is universal. This connection exists outside of politics and particular situations. Whatever government policy is in place shouldn't prevent advancing scholarship on the relationship between spirituality and architecture, in any place. 

      Dec 19, 11 5:20 am  · 

      Just don't build your architecture on the occupied Palestinian land and demolish their homes in the name of your brutally manifested spirituality. Jewish state of Israel continuously tries to erase Palestinian culture while imposes its own by force. This connection particularly exists.

      Dec 20, 11 11:26 pm  · 

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