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    Autechre - Gantz Graf

    Alexander Walter
    Nov 2, '11 2:57 AM EST

    Fourteen years ago, it was my first year of architecture school, I happened to be introduced to an architecture I had never heard of before but had always been looking for: deconstructivism. I instantly gave my heart away and arranged countless yearning rendezvous with my secret crushes Woods, Hadid, Berkel, Gehry and Libeskind at the university's library in the "D" section. Never before was the notion of speed, movement and dynamic aggression in architecture so apparent and appealing to me, and my mind immediately started wandering off dissecting the shapes, forms and volumes into vectors and nurbs and keyframes and tweens and beats and sounds and bleeps and clicks, inserting glitches and dissonances and fragmented harmonies and scars that made me feel happy and challenged.

    "Gantz Graf" by the ever so shy IDM visionaries Autechre, in conjunction with Alex Rutterford's critically acclaimed video for the track, is the perfect love song for my very first academic romance.

    Autechre - Gantz Graf

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