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    Jonathan Wilson - Desert Raven

    Alexander Walter
    Oct 15, '11 2:41 AM EST

    Happy weekend, everyone! Today's track lets you transition extra smoothly from the work week hustle into a (hopefully) chill Sat+Sun package: Desert Raven by Jonathan Wilson.

    I don't know much about him yet, other than he's an LA-based psychedelic folk singer-songwriter, and his latest album, Gentle Spirit, is beautifully gentle indeed. Somewhere between Elliott Smith, Midlake, and Beck (referring to Sea Change). Great weekend soundtrack.


    Jonathan Wilson - Desert Raven


    • lovely.. Sea Change wasn't at first but eventually became one of my more fav Beck albums..

      Oct 16, 11 9:30 am  · 

      Glad you liked it, Nam. Yeah, Beck's albums are all little musical epochs in themselves, but I think I liked Sea Change the most. Probably always depends on the memories one associates with each album and that certain time of your life you were in.

      Oct 18, 11 3:28 am  · 

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