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    a recent project at university of tokyo-minimal surface pavilion

    Deli Zhao
    Oct 12, '11 10:08 AM EST

    As an attempt to create a structure as light as possible while
    generating a complex spatial geometry, a shrink-wrap membrane was used
    as a tension element connecting two independent rings together. The
    concept of Minimal Surface Pavilion was conceived as an urban
    furniture providing a place to sit and to gather for passerby.


    This project is going to be built in 1:1 scale at Shinjuku of Tokyo on 14 of this month as a
    way to refresh it in terms of urban crime and other negative aspects/social issues in this area.

    By far we have done 4 versions of tests in terms of material/structure/geometry.

    And the test is going on and on...


    *And this project is developed at digital fabrication lab/obuchi lab of tokyo university ,directed by yusuke obuchi/kengo kuma/jun sato.

    Here are some pictures during our testing process:

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