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    Minimal Surface Pavilion Constrcution Finished @ Shinjuku

    Deli Zhao
    Oct 15, '11 8:38 AM EST

    Here are the latest pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *the minimal surface pavilion project was developed this summer@digital fabrication lab/obuchi lab of the university of tokyo,directed by yusuke obuchi/kengo kuma/jun sato.


    • Christopher Sjoberg

      Hi Deli,


      I had contacted you earlier about the g30 masters program Todai. I know we never connected on facebook. That's fine and realize you must be quite busy. I will be traveling to Tokyo to visit Todai Oct 29th-Nov. 7th and would really like to meet you in person (briefly) to see some of your projects in Obuchi's lab and to get your general perspective on the program.  If you're available to meet for a half hour or so during that period please let me know.



      Oct 16, 11 7:46 pm  · 

      Hi Chris,

      Very nice to hearing from you and welcome to Todai!!!

      I think it's cool for me to talk with u at the time u ll be in tokyo..........

      Have a nice trip then.




      Oct 16, 11 9:32 pm  · 
      Christopher Sjoberg

      Thanks! I look forward to meeting you. What is the best way to contact you? Should I friend you on Facebook? or do you have an email address I can reach you at?

      Oct 19, 11 12:26 am  · 

      You're welcome.Hope that I can help.Maybe first we can meet on facebook I name on face is Deli Zhao............

      Oct 19, 11 8:30 am  · 

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