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Jul '10 - Aug '10

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    Istanbul, Turkey_Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal, Blue Mosque

    By MCTalbot
    Jul 31, '10 5:09 PM EST

    Overview of the city, looking across the Golden Horn.

    A street in the Beyoglu area.

    Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal
    This is the main train station of the European side of Istanbul, it currently serves the European train traffic coming into Istanbul. This will all change however, with the already underway Marmaray cross-Bosporus tunnel project, which will eventually allow train travel direct from the European to Asian sides. The station was built in 1890 by a Prussian architect named August Jachmund. It is in the style "European Orientalism", being a prime example of this, it has had noticeable influence in some of the other buildings in the area.

    Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
    The most important mosque in the city is marked by not 4 but 6 minarets. Sedefhar Mehmet Aga, the pupil of Mimar Sinan (chief Ottoman architect for 3 consecutive sultans, one of his masterpieces, the Suleiman Mosque I will show tomorrow) was the architect, designing the mosque which was completed in 1616. This mosque was commissioned by Ahmed to be the first of his new empire. (more info....sure, but look at the pictures!)


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Turkey is at the crossroads of the Middle East and Europe, to this day its unique geographic position has brought with it tremendous conflict. It has been occupied by such diverse civilizations as the Hittites, the Trojans, Lyceans, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantine and Ottomans, finally leading to the establishment of the modern Turkish state. In the wake of these periods of occupation, architecture from each has been deposited throughout the country.

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