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    a lazy entry

    will galloway
    Sep 26, '11 10:13 PM EST

    in celebration of the new blog system i should be writing something dramatic but am going to use the space to follow up on a previous post.

    Over the summer the students in all the programs at keio went off to carry out projects all over the place.  a large group went to the congo, some went to myanmar, others went to china.  the students i have been working with joined myself and another professor (the good professor ikeda) on a trip to kesennuma to join in a festival there by building a symbolic fish-arch.  The intent was to make something that would give the children in kesennuma some sense that they could take part in reconstruction, even if only in a symbolic way to start with. 

    I'll post some images here because what kind of architect would i be if i didn't offer at least a bit of eye-candy, but since the the story was picked up at, i will direct you all to take a look at their site instead of reworking it all for here. 

    check it out here.


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keio university's architecture program is probably the best kept secret in the country. Hidden away on a campus an hour from tokyo the curriculum is wide open and connected to a campus-wide project aimed at community-driven innovation. students of economics can take courses in architecture and vice versa but we all are expected to take part in real projects somewhere in the world. there are a few starchitects on the faculty but mostly we are hoping to make a difference.

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