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    when i was in the earthquake and radiation

    Deli Zhao
    Apr 13, '11 12:06 PM EST

    on 3`11,in the obuchi lab studio of tokyo university,i was preparing the midterm review documents with team members and other students for 14th of the same month,when we were listening to the music while drawing and writing,also talking with eachother.what a normal and relaxing the same time,cecil balmond+roland snooks studio from university of pennsylvania was presenting their agent-based works just down stairs in the big studio.suddently,we ve felt something like earthquake that we thought it should be normal as we are in tokyo,japan.but it didnt soon stopped as usual and was going on shaking,wont stop!!!we started to run asap to 1st ground from 2nd studio in the persistent shakes.there is nothing in my mind at that time but run.and an interesting thing is that i saw a girl was going upstairs imperturbably while we were trying to escape the artificial matter to square outside.when we were there,in front of our engineering building 1,i saw so many people like us stanging and moving outside with panic.maybe after 1min,everything seemed to be fine but unfortunately shakes was not phone was out of work,so were my friends'.what could we do is waiting.waiting for its over.also at that day,3`11,so many amazing things happened,i saw some kind of form of pray that is jointly from some students who are in some religion;a retirement of a very famous professor called naito was broke off due to earthquakes that he the professor resumes it outside under the big ginkgo tree in front of our department with people photographing and recording around the circle site of that tree,which made us feel in the movie;suddently,someguy announced that the epicenter was in sendai that level is above 7 and after was confirmed as 9!i didnot know for how long we were stay outside where we thought was safe.just in the fear of the whole,a news has been released that we could enter the building for taking out goods.and then they said we could stay inside and after we ve experienced more 20 times aftershocks in our lab that made us crazy during our working time.we stayed up the whole night since trains didnt work due to earthquake.during the night,we drunk and listened to the club music by using very heavy subwoofer for focus on working for the midterm review,also for fogeting those shakes.
    finally,we saw the sun.on 12`3 afternoon,i went my lodge for a skype time with my family.while we were talking we knew some bad news from radio that was the explosion of the nuclear power plant.then i and my friend decided to go back to school asap for moving far away from north part of japan on the other day.i packed my things in speed of sound with the huge feeling that i think i was not in the real world but in some film that type is disaster...

    for the radiation 's sake i missed the midterm review jointed with princeton,columbia,pratt and tsinghua,which my team was the only one that is the starting time of this midterm review,also at the same time that is 2 hours before my flight,i was calling a taxi that was drived by an very old man about 80 years who is inconceivable skinny from my initiatory judge,which the whole taxi fees for the trip from tokyo university's red gate to haneda airport is 7900 YEN(about 105$) that the driver gave me a 1000 YEN discount .

    till now,i stayed in china for about one month from shanghai to harbin then to my hometown yingkou,where i was trying to find out hope which is the biggest fortune of human race.i ll be back to tokyo in two days when the nuclear accident in japan has been labeled to 7 and aftershocks can happen in any time.maybe before i experienced those sufferings that were both generated by nature and act of human,i ve thought about the life i m thinking it in a very new way for myself only i can feel it that is not only fear and escape but also something about every second running in my watch.
    3·11 review at tokyo university.
    3·11 review at tokyo university.
    3·14 joint studio midterm review without me.

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