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    Detroit(s) in UK, where else?

    By João Gameiro Neves
    Mar 18, '11 4:05 PM EST

    Keeping following the issue I have been dissecting on those previous posts, which is the scope of my thesis, how are the cities facing these urban voids, what is their relevance in the urban mesh?

    I am sure everybody has noticed the set of vacant places spread over those cities you know.
    Have you ever mapped them? Do you have an overview of the city where you can actually measure the size of your "void city"?

    As part of my research in Dover, UK, I present you guys a figure ground map of Dover and its terrain map.

    I would ask you if you could do the same (you can send to my email and I add to the entry or upload them here somehow) and lets see how many Detroit scenarios we have around.

    I wonder also for each case, what was the major reason for those vacancies. "De-Industrialization"?

    Dover satellite view

    Dover map

    Dover figure ground map ( abandoned buildings and plots in red, operating buildings in black)


    • doreo

      my school does a ton of projects in detroit since it's close by, so i'm interested to see what you gather about it's cousins around the world.

      Mar 18, 11 4:34 pm  · 
      João Gameiro Neves

      I wonder if you could actually give us a hint of your understanding of Detroit and maybe some satellite cities you find related.

      If you can sneak into those brainstormings/projects, could you post them here or somewhere else so we can give a look?
      Mar 18, 11 4:42 pm  · 

      i created this after a week of studio. it will be updated in a week and you can then see what i am getting at with the networks.
      Mar 18, 11 4:43 pm  · 

      in terms of american cities, most of the rustbelt cities have similar situations of de-population. pittsburgh, baltimore, and cleveland all come to mind. also, youngstown, ohio is famous for planning for shrinking.

      the final result of one of my studios last year can be found here

      or the book stalking detroit is a great resource for recent architecture research on the city.

      Mar 18, 11 4:50 pm  · 
      João Gameiro Neves

      architectum, I gave a quick look now and it seems really interesting, the issue, the platform, the scope. I will come up with some comment about it later.

      doreo, do you have access to any kind of mapping done to those cities, where you can point out individual or clusters of vacant places along those cities?

      I will give a look to that book. a great set of two volumes about "shrinking" are the "Shrinking Cities vol. I and II" , but you can give a look at

      Shrinking Cities website

      Mar 18, 11 7:09 pm  · 

      get the book LOST DETROIT .... created by a detroit historian and a detroit photographer... no b.s. outside views either

      Mar 20, 11 5:02 pm  · 

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