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    Thesis part I . Upcoming season of Thesis II after the break

    By João Gameiro Neves
    Feb 1, '11 12:13 AM EST

    Shame on me, more than one month to post an entry. I know.

    If you guys run through the short and humble line of entries, you figure out there is a logical purpose.
    After three weeks of confinement to work for a competition, thesis and a dissertation, I presently consider myself again, a citizen of the world that recognizes the wide variety of resources available nearby. There are more food beyond pizza, cereal and crackers. After all, there's a whole world beyond the front door of the house.


    Completed the portfolio, is mutual 5th grade, a sense of freedom, disguise of the amount of work that day after day, we try to hide / forget and which is inevitable.

    The thesis here is taken seriously. Not that we do nothing more than a thesis. The case here is different, the thesis is the epicenter. Everything deployed turns out into a research branch that complements the research and thesis.
    Who says that a thesis has to have 200 pages and 40,000 words? bullshit
    What really matters is the quality and irreverence of the subject and its development. A thesis has to contain well-founded, besides to good quotes, good content. Content that comes from the research, comes from what everyone creates that is not just a documentation, in a statement. Discussing, questioning and making proposals, some of them more realistic, others more utopian. The important thing is that after reading it, leaves no doubt that is as interesting as useful.
    The thesis should be, in my point of view, a challenge. Present a problem and ascertain responsibilities. In addition, submit a strategy. An interventional strategy. A coherent and conscious strategy. Conscious about the increasing of taxes, the financial crisis, the conflict in the Middle East and the thaw of Antarctica. Nothing exists in vacuum, and the influences (input / output) are many. The economic, social, environmental, cultural and political conscious is paramount. The major solutions, and to some extent now, are those who can solve current problems. Ready to run now and efficient in the near future. The projections of future scenarios which challenge the existing conventions, are not excluded, by creating fictitious realities (the anticipation of that future)

    Thus I leave the question, how are you guys taking (have taken) the thesis through, and how far are your answers, actually useful.

    I also address on the post, the conference Looking Around the Corner - a lecture by Andrew Cross, happening at 6pm Thursday 3rd February, at the university. All welcome!

    PS: Super Mega Polyark Crit, a high level academic brainstorming, to check on the faculty website,

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