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    final review_performative ceiling_prototyping architecture_phase 3

    Deli Zhao
    Feb 4, '11 2:35 PM EST

    on 31st. jan, we ve had the final review that was joined by Yusuke Obuchiobuchi lab_univ.of tokyo, Makoto Sei Watanabe Makoto Sei Watanabe architect, Martina Schaefer(AA London), Andrew Li(Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Keisuke Toyodanoiz architect,daisuke hirosearchicomplex of the tokyo station project,which was a design research project that aimed to create an performative ceiling organization that can connect the information of space and the material effects generated by 2d patterns distributed in the whole station(as local forces of material interface that can initially describe the spatial-information features)with multiple functions such as lighting,navigation and acoustic system.

    after the final review,we ve kicked off a new international workshop on algorithmic design,which is an attached project of the
    international symposium on algorithmic design for architecture and urban designALGODE TOKYO 2011 in 14-16 march in tokyo.

    and in mid feb,we ll start a new studio project jointed by tokyo university(prof.kengo kuma&prof.yusuke obuchi),princeton university(prof.jesse reiser) and columbia university(prof.nanako umemoto), called Prototyping Architecture - Design research project on evolutionary processes and life cycles for new ecological paradigm.

    here are some physical models and pics from the final review,also the posters of the international workshop and the new studio project:

    some guys were not there as they were too tired...

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