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Dec '10 - Aug '12

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    Musician and or Architect

    Deli Zhao
    Dec 12, '10 12:31 PM EST

    "Theorized and then performed by pioneering musicians like Steve Reich in the 1960s or Brian Eno in the 1970s, minimalist or ambient music provides an important example or case study in the birth of today’s highly immersive, adaptive, environments. Works by these musicians and others prefigure the last three decades of explosion in ambient, highly technological, forms of music and its experience. Modern music was transformed by Reich, Eno, Glass and others through their open experimentation with and assimilation of new digital technologies within the recording studio. These experiments, including their techniques of repetition and stochastic, phased, organisation offer a paradigm for the forms of experimentation needed today to cope with a proliferation of digital technologies within the architect’s studio. Minimalist experiments of the 1960s were in turn built upon a reaction to the highly formalized, mathematical, experiments of musicians like Xenakis, whose close collaboration with Le Corbusier offers a final example in this course of the ways in which adjacent disciplines and their discourses, like those of modern music, programming, and computing have already transformed modern architectural space into a condition far more mediated, interactive, and immersive than often acknowledged by its creators.” - Yusuke Obuchi,AADRL Guidebook0607,P130

    With regard of the domain of architecture,It is not way hard to find out several famed architectural practitioners who were mucician when they were young,or even in their practice-period.Like Iannis Xenakis who was the assistant of Le Corbusier for about 10 years and applied the Probability theory in the process of composing music(maybe it's just like the automaticdesign('s rehearse),Daniel Libeskind whose architectural scholarship was won from playing the Violin,Michel Rojkind who was the drummer in a rock band for 12 years...

    What I would like to indicate is that the relationship between Music and Architecture is pretty interesting.

    1.Music Diagram by Iannis Xenakis

    2.Denver Art Museum by Daniel Libeskind

    3.Toronto Tower by Michel Rojkind



    • AAbelS

      I love Rojkind. Such a babe!

      Dec 14, 10 2:07 pm  · 

      Great explanation about the history of music combining with technology

      Dec 15, 10 12:49 am  · 

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