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    Spatial Activisim Event at Olafur Eliasson's studio

    By anti
    Jul 2, '10 9:46 AM EST

    Some notes/quotes from the three day event (two of speakers/discussion and one of a experiments and walk through Berlin). Entire speaker list at bottom. Overall the event was fanfuckingtastic.

    Opening comments O.E.
    - space is a reality container but also a reality producer
    - this conference is about bringing together both those that are different but also having a shared idea or agenda

    Makrus Miessen
    -participating as a tool for political legitimization. participation as forced entry.
    - the political happens as soon as you instigate and move to action
    - trying to understand conflict as something productive - by not designing or working toward resolution

    Roundtable discussion:
    (Robert Merk, parkour/skateborder) - you confine and commercialize it (parkour / skate / etc.) and you no longer just live it and thats what im unhappy about in my own work
    (Olafur) - me too. In my own work.

    Other..... forceful grasping of the city in their own way and thats political, space is always political....the concept of authenticity and also the idea of romanticizing the concept of authenticity...representational thinking can also be political....authenticity can be found within compromise...political potential is about knowing what is going on...friction is generative but there is also a tendency to romanticize friction

    Mathias Heyden
    - you can experience your city entirely differently if you look at it differently.

    Francois Roche
    - what kind of strategies could one imagine to subvert controlling structures?
    - we work with the Here and Now Apparatus, the Fictional Apparatus and the Speculative Apparatus
    - rigor of uncertainty allowing a space to support its own criticism
    - renegotiating notions of subjectivity
    - uncertainty is not a lack of control, its a shifting of protocol.

    Office for Subversive Architecture
    - we have a process of interpreting things - start a process that other people can use for space - to provoke people to take care for space - its a strategy for occupying the public realm
    - the city is one big ongoing social experiment

    - show the productive contribution of the communication of spatial ideas...this communication can also produce necessary ideas of spatial use and space...its about the possibility of images
    - one talks about the campfire being a mini parliament, but that is dangerous because you end up with a consumer campfire...but on the other hand the campfire is still very nice

    Thomas Saraceno
    - I care about passion, curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm - I don't give a shit about discipline or about transdisclipline
    - 99% of our human history we have been nomads.
    - there are three eclogies (from Lewis Mumford) the social, the mental and the environmental

    Vito was also excellent but I didn't take notes.

    Speaker List:
    Markus Miessen
    Achim Mengis
    OSA (Office for Subversive Architecture)
    Bjarke Ingles
    Theo Spyropoulos
    Francesca Ferguson (Urban Drift Projects)
    Robert Merk
    Francois Roche
    Mathias Heyden
    Eve de Klerk
    SMAQ (Sabine Müller and Andreas Quednau),
    Topotek 1 (Laura and Martin Rein-Cano),
    Tomas Saraceno
    Monca Bonvicini
    Vito Acconci

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