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    Out of context

    By anti
    Sep 22, '09 4:39 PM EST

    Collection of quotes out of context:

    "Anne McGhee is critical to surviving the GSD. And critical of the GSD"

    "We have very little theoretical understanding of the sea."

    "Why isn't there a genre of painting called 'the weather'?"

    "Termites are fascinating!"

    "The general public is getting interesting."

    "History is about significance which is unequally distributed."

    "When in doubt, go back to the greeks."

    "Neuro-constructivisim means what we are perceiving is not a received thing, it is assembled with great labor and great inaccuracy."

    "The notion of landscape emerges only after we have been completely, urbanly, disassociated from nature."

    "Why hasnt't the typology of nature photographs changed over the last 75 years as our understanding of ecology has changed?"

    "Im much more interested in fascination."

    "The defectors of OMA are in the desert doing social connectivity."

    "What value are you creating and for whom?"

    "Phenomenology, when it gets talked about in architecture usually waters down to 'how does it make me feel?' touchy feely shit."

    "You need to bracket off the belief of the need of the object to exist independently of your consciousness."

    "Intentionality is an active process of perceiving. Its not an everyday experience, its about elevating the idea of perception. Architects never use this term correctly."

    "The amount of music / performed narrative consumed by Mozart or Shakespeare over their life is a tiny fraction of what we take in on a daily basis. Think about that."

    "In terms of the scale of transformation, cubism was minimal. Picasso became more of an illustrator rather than innovator."

    "Kissing is always unsustainable - you have to come up for air at some point."

    "if its not physical, it aint form."


    • liberty bell

      How many of those were spoken by Charles Waldheim?

      Sep 22, 09 6:58 pm  · 

      Equally distributed between Charles, John Stilgoe, Sanford Kwinter, and others.

      Sep 26, 09 4:03 pm  · 

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