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    Free Association Game

    By jpeel
    May 24, '10 8:12 PM EST

    When I say "electronic architecture",
    what do you think of?
    and/or who do you think of?
    and/or where do you think of?
    and/or when?
    and/or why?
    and/or how?


    • tomboessel

      I think of some sort of computer programming.

      May 24, 10 9:14 pm

      I think computer architecture and circuitry.

      May 25, 10 3:08 pm

      what? C# 'architects'
      who? people with computer science degrees pretending to be 'architects'
      where? thousands of empty cubicles with available jobs
      when? every time i search 'architect' on careerbuilder's site
      why? 'cause i need a job!
      how? type it in and see for yourself!!!

      May 25, 10 6:03 pm

      of course the only thing that comes to mind is the uncertainty principle

      May 25, 10 9:45 pm

      i'm not so certain of that, achensch!

      May 25, 10 10:36 pm

      Maybe then the notion of the "uncanny valley" [?].

      May 26, 10 9:47 am

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