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    Et tu, Levent?

    By jpeel
    Apr 26, '10 3:25 PM EST

    Another faculty member will be turning themselves in the direction of Tampa and leaving UF:SoA to accept a position at the University of South Florida’s School of Architecture. Starting next fall, Levent Kara will no longer be roaming the corridors of our brutal building.

    In the short amount of time he had been teaching here, Levent has made quite an impression on the work being produced in the undergraduate design studios and has positively impacted the students who had fallen into his hands. He is a relentless instructor, an exacting critic and a unique designer. Levent Kara is an uncommon teacher and USF is lucky to have him.

    Indeed, we will look for you at some future intersection, Levent. Thanks for everything and good luck.


    • AP

      Is this confirmed? I heard about the possibility, but then heard it wasn't going to happen (recently).

      Either way, though he wasn't yet teaching in the arch dep't while I was there (he had only begun teaching studios in the interior design department), I've seen the work that has come out of his arch studios (in Architrave) and have been very impressed.

      Best wishes Levent!

      Apr 26, 10 3:54 pm

      Yea, it is definite as far as I am to understand. At about 2p today, the school passed along Levent's email to everyone letting us know his decision.

      Apr 26, 10 4:32 pm
      Levent Kara

      We will intersect. No doubt about that in so far as you guys keep thinking and writing architecture beyond just making it through learned habits... [the stranger the better? No, not for the sake of strangeness. The more other the better for me, the more other we can grasp as our own image, the better we have the expression of our reality]
      You know the University of Florida School of Architecture is one excellent place to get design education, and it will continue to be so. People come and go, institutions stay [till there is no one left to remember the core ideas].
      Take care Jacob, till we intersect again.

      Apr 28, 10 3:40 am

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