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    SOM Prize

    By Nkiru
    Apr 28, '10 3:28 PM EST

    Viktor Ramos, who was selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2009 SOM Prize, a $50,000 research and travel fellowship, is about to embark on an epic adventure to find 'Solutions for a Small Planet'. Starting tonight, he leaves from Houston to visit the eleven densest cities in the world, beginning in Mexico city and traveling counter clockwise around the globe. Here is the itinerary for his research.

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    Viktor also won the Darden Award for Best Thesis project at Rice in 2009 with his awesome yet controversial project - The Continuous Enclave: Strategies in Bypass Urbanism. Some of his excellent design work is posted here on the SOM Foundation website.The Rice School of Architecture Darden award 2010 is being announced today.



    You can read more about this thesis project on Bldgblog. The comments in particular are hilarious. If his project in this region can spark such a debate, I'm excited to see what he will do with the discoveries of an around the world research trip. Updates and links to upcoming blog entries from 'Solutions for a Small Planet' trip will be posted soon.


    • DisplacedArchitect

      he got 50 grand for that?
      one comment:

      white collar crime

      Apr 30, 10 8:56 pm  · 

      what, exactly, is criminal about winning a traveling fellowship?

      May 6, 10 8:23 pm  · 

      I find the way people react to this work very interesting. I can't quite put my finger on it but there certainly seems to be an element of disbelief of audacity..... which I love! It makes me smile to think of people ( inc. fellow architecture students) getting so riled up over such undeniably beautiful work. Please view the full portfolio because it is truly outstanding and certainly worthy of winning the prize.

      May 10, 10 11:09 am  · 

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