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    Pin ups and Crits

    By Archisult
    Mar 23, '10 5:20 AM EST

    Accountability in Architecture should be expressed in every field.
    Studio is inundated with points at which you have to prove yourself, this is not merely a set of problems you work out, but a problem you create in which you must prove a solution to everyone else.

    We had a pin up on Thursday, for a Lawrence alum who has moved onto Harvard. Overall the criticism was constructive (yuk) what happened to real critiques? are schools getting soft? I should have been torn into more than what I got.
    There is another critique in eight hours, lets hope this one is more destructive.

    Sensitively Generate Responsive Architecture

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    • mccloskm

      i am grateful when i dont get destroyed. I think professors/ jurors have a little pep talk before a pin-up and they decide how they nature of the crit is going to go. but you touch on a larger issue that is a really important skill to develop in arch education. the ability to objectively look at your work and understand where the issues are, and develop solutions on your own. i think once someone really grasps that the work can really flourish. im still workin on it.

      Mar 24, 10 12:16 am

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