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    Progress update / graphic novel / models etc (Rob Tadman)

    By Birmingham City Uni D7
    Mar 8, '10 5:26 PM EST

    Ok, a quick round up of what ive been up to since way back in November!
    I finished writing and designing a graphic novel with the brief synopsis of creating a virtual gaming environment for lost souls.

    The arrangement involves people physically connecting to a living organism in order to experience a completely parallel world whilst in suspended animation as an escape from their daily lives or problems.

    This idea stems from my initial films of capturing a soul without a body and vice versa. This also combines with how fractured and disparate people are becoming socially, spending more time in confined spaces, communicating at distance and experiencing more feelings through synthetic and anonymous means.

    I have found a particularly relevant site in my hometown of Bristol, UK where the privileged and deprived rub shoulders, gentrification is chased away and derelict buildings form key social and political hubs to peoples' everyday lives.

    Below is a stream of various early work I carried out to expand on my theory and direction. They also show site context, materiality and attempt to capture the mood of the project:

    More will follow over the coming weeks and next weeks crit sessions....image

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    • Jamb'd

      I'm digging the graphic novel. Nice work!

      Mar 9, 10 3:26 pm

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