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    Michael Rogers
    Nov 18, '09 6:03 PM EST

    On my desk are a number of things:
    1 book by the philosopher Lacan which explains where the origins of serial killing behavior lie. This is for a paper on Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture.

    13 kenetic sculptures in lacra which bloom open or closed as passers by pull and push the wires embedded within.

    1 Arduino board, 4 working servos, 2 burnt out servos, 1 hacked power supply, 2 flex sensors and a tiny ‘zzzzzzzzzz’ sound as it does its thing. These will eventually be hooked up to the lacra sculptures

    Trying to crawl up my desk is 1 light sensing robot that obviously feels my labtop screen is the preverbal light at the end of the tunnel.

    It is fairly common to be confronted with such a diversity of objects at the DRL in the morning, all begging for attention and potentially dangerous to touch.

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      *wanking gesture*

      Nov 18, 09 11:29 pm

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