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    Hardcore drawing

    By Nordlans
    Oct 24, '09 8:08 PM EST

    The strict but wonderful Professoressa Cianci wanted us to draw everything we saw, more or less. In the end of the course "Disegno e Rilievo" the students were asked to hand in 100 drawings size A4 or A5 +make 3 posters in A1 on the themes ancient, modern and contemporary architecture in Rome. Prof. Cianci pushed me to work hard and to try techniques I had never used before. See the blog of Ciancis courses here: imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    After having posted the drawings above, I got an interesting comment on whether "analyzing" drawing was allowed in the course. The prof. focused both on having us think about the materials we used when we drew, (talking about the quality of the paper, which pens to use etc.) composition and how we worked with lines and surfaces and then, at last, she encouraged us to just draw draw draw - and write - about everything that interested us. She pointed out that doing "good drawings" was not (always) the goal. She surely wanted us to draw in an "analyzing" way though she was also really crazy about perfect perspectives and slick facades and all that... She wanted us to do all... Since I normally draw alot, almost in a maniac way, and almost only with a black Pilot G-tec 0.4 or HB 0.7 pencil l took the opportunity in this course to work more with colour (something which has really "slipped over" to my everyday sketching now) and to try for once to be a bit more "realistic" and detailed when drawing a building to remember what it looked and felt like ...The prof. often thought in the end that the drawings I had made when not trying to be proper were the best.. The question about what an "analyzing drawing" is very interesting...

    I post a few more pictures which could maybe boost that interesting discussion. What is the difference between an illustration, a drawing, a sketch and an "analyzing drawing"? imageimageimageimage

    On request :D : imageimage


    • a good set of drawings, although my criticism would that they are all rather pictorial and of a similar technique. Was drawing as analysis "allowed"?

      Oct 24, 09 11:21 pm

      Hej and thank you for your interesting comment.
      Yes, as mentioned above (I have added some thoughts after having read your interesting comment) the prof. wanted us to not only try to make "perfect drawings" but rather to push us to make the drawing part of our every day life as architect students.. E.g. she stressed that the amount of drawing might be more important than the quality, that drawing and writing together is a powerful tool, and that we should always challenge ourselves and try new ways of expressing what we see. In my case this led to experimentation with beeing more detailed and using more colour... Would be interesting to continue the discussion about what an analyzing drawing is but I have to rush!
      Ciao / s

      Oct 25, 09 5:54 am

      Hot! I wish I had the motivation to sketch at this sort of pace every day, without prodding from my professors.

      Oct 25, 09 6:34 pm

      Nordlans beautiful additions, especially the third one. Is it possible to see these larger? And yes I agree a discussion on what is an analysing (or perhaps an analytical) sketch may be prudent

      Oct 25, 09 10:50 pm

      Really nice.

      Oct 26, 09 9:31 am

      Beautiful - all of them! If you're using pencil, simple lineweights (as opposed to poche) may help differentiate between things in your diagrams. Color coding is also a good technique for mapping though more time-consuming to do on site. Hope you'll end up developing your own techniques..Rome is the perfect place for that.

      Oct 26, 09 1:21 pm

      i made it through architecture school w/o having a sketchbook

      Oct 28, 09 8:46 pm

      really lovely - what a nice post - thanks for sharing.

      Oct 29, 09 12:17 am

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