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    By Tom
    Sep 25, '09 9:37 PM EST

    I apologize for not posting as often as I'd like, but wow, what an intense month thus far. So yesterday marks a month of the program and I'm still here. That's a good sign because people are starting to drop and I don't plan on being one of them. Supposedly, I have one of the toughest freshman instructors. I can see why he has that reputation, but even though it's been non-stop with the projects, he's really into making his students the best. You have to respect that. Being older, I find it entertaining watching my younger classmates thinking it's some form of torture.

    As for the projects so far, it's been a series of 2D projects studying relationships between shapes and space, there have been color projects, and we're now starting to move into 3D. I'll try to post some when I get a chance. All in all, it seems to me they're just trying to get us to perfect our craft skills and having us learn the process before we move into bigger things. I'm looking forward to it.

    Here are some pictures to hold you off until next time. Enjoy.
    Some of the sites at the University of Houston campus.

    Two of my classmates taking a nap while pulling an all nighter. They came prepared.

    A friend in the next studio taking a break as well.

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    • haha i can't tell you how many times i have used my shirt like a sleeping bag (as in that last pic) pulling your arms in like a turtle.

      Sep 26, 09 1:18 pm

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