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    First look out from the new place.

    By Tom
    Aug 17, '09 4:10 PM EST

    Greetings everyone. My name is Tom and I'm a returning student about to start my first year at the Gerald D. Hines school of architecture (University of Houston). I just moved into the new lofts they built on campus. My loft actually over looks the architecture building and downtown Houston, TX. Honestly, I'm not too particularly fond of UofH's architecture building. That's just my personal design opinion, but I hear good things about the program. I am a little nervous and curious about what I'm getting myself into, but mostly excited. It's been a while since I've been back to school. These past few years have consisted of me exploring my career options. I've been working ever since I took a "break" and returned to school last August. Fortunately, I was able to remember some childhood dreams and came back. Hopefully, you all don't delay what's important to you. Wish me good fortune and I'll return the favor.

    View of the UofH architecture school and downtown Houston, Texas.


    • ichweiB

      Great! You are starting level one grad? Yes, the building looks horrible (thanks PJ), but the studio experience is really nice with the open atrium. If you need someone's attention, just yell.

      UH definitely lets you explore your long as you can talk intelligently about them. So, be critical with yourself, but also enjoy the ability you will have to explore ideas/possibilities.

      Please-take advantage of the Keeland Center. 3D printing and routing is available. They should have the large router set up now. I believe it can take up to 6' x 8' pieces of material.

      Cord starts you off well in first year so pay attention. He will also get you in the Keeland center quick with the projects he will have you doing.

      So, yeah, welcome to the UH design community.

      Aug 17, 09 11:44 pm

      Haha. I was hoping I didn't offend anyone who works at the school by stating my opinion of the building, but let's be honest... Thanks for all the tips. I have Fleshman my first year and I hear he's tough. To be honest, that's what I asked for. I wanted a challenge and for someone to push me. Hopefully, things will work out. Looking forward to joining the crew and meeting people. See you around?

      Aug 18, 09 1:26 am

      Ahh. You are starting as an undergrad. I taught first year undergrad last year. Duke is a great guy. Truthfully everyone is tough, so that is just normal. Good luck with the projects. These first few weeks will be tiring, but just stick with it and it will be really enjoyable.

      Aug 18, 09 10:04 am

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