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    Lecture Series/First studio project

    By ^idhe^
    Sep 1, '09 1:03 PM EST

    Here is CU Denver's lecture series poster. Our first lecture was held last night. Ken Tadashi Oshima a professor from UW discussed Japanese architecture and its influences on western architecture.


    Also due yesterday was our first studio project. Our semester project is to act as developers for a site on 17th Ave and Franklin St. in the City Park West neighborhood in the city of Denver. Our first project was to document the site and create diagrams. Here are a few of the diagrams i created from the site conditions. The first is a section of the existing buildings facing each direction on both corners of the site, and the second is a connection map of the constant vs. variable conditions of the site.




    • rlovett

      How are you acting as developers? Coming at the site from that perspective I would imagine would change the elements studied and reflected in your diagrams...

      Also in that second diagram, how did you determine the order of the streets...arbitrary?

      Sep 1, 09 1:33 pm  · 

      We are acting as developers by researching the site, studying zoning and creating diagrams to ultimately define and argue a program for our site (each student will come to their own conclusion). I had multiple diagrams that were more pragmatic but i still am trying to justify what program(s) are needed for the site and neighborhood.

      As for the streets, the first three 16th, 17th and 18th they run from south to north on the site (17th and Franklin) the next three Humboldt, Franklin and Gilpin run from west to east, and the last three are considered destinations (even though colfax is a street I thought of it more as a destination).

      Sep 1, 09 2:13 pm  · 

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