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    what to send, what to send...

    By copper_top
    Mar 27, '09 1:44 AM EST

    Anyone want to take a gander at my new website and tell me, what do you think my best three projects are?

    It's getting to be job-hunt time, and I'm trying to decide what projects to put into a teaser portfolio. I'm a little conflicted on which projects to use, have a lot of thoughts running around in my head about what puts me in the best position, tailoring, etc. but I figure the first step is to be objective about what the best stuff I've got actually is. So take a look, leave a comment, let me know which is the good stuff.

    A note on the website: despite being a visual communication designer, I am not a web designer. So I went with an easy open-source platform called Indexhibit. After doing a good deal more CSS coding than I really wanted to do, I finally gave in and just made jpeg backgrounds for the text-heavy pages. I figure if somebody's super offended that I haven't done a beautiful custom website, I'm not the person they're looking for. I was just looking for something that lets me display the stuff I do do well, simply.


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      Theory & Practice
      Know The Candidate

      I like those E.

      Mar 27, 09 7:12 pm  · 

      Whoa I totally breezed past the rest of the question and went straight to the Web site! Sorry. Will post more later...

      Mar 27, 09 8:04 pm  · 

      you're electric. I'm going to hire you for all my firm's communication/branding. wait, I need my own office first.

      like the one about the energy grid and your alphabet.

      Mar 27, 09 10:24 pm  · 

      the 'vote for' graphic is not showing up for me right now.

      great work! my picks:

      theory and practice and electricity. the bicycle map is also really nice.

      Mar 28, 09 12:02 am  · 

      Thanks guys (keep it coming though, if anyone else has thoughts). It's really interesting to me that nobody here has been so interested in the exhibit projects, except jump who mentioned elsewhere that he liked the group work the best, and that's all the exhibit/installation type stuff. Hmmm. The one that you guys plus my thesis advisor have vaulted to the top that was unexpected for me was Theory & Practice. Honestly, I put that book together in under a week, thought it was a real navel-gazing sort of piece, didn't expect such a strong reaction to it at all. People in studio have been interested in it too, so I guess I'm no judge of my own stuff sometimes. But yeah, the preference for my print work is something that I'm going to try to digest over time.

      Also, I never thought about how many people read my blog before! Seriously, I've gotten well over a hundred referrals from archinect in the day this has been posted. Thanks to all of you for tuning in.

      Mar 28, 09 4:05 am  · 

      Sweet graphic skillz

      Mar 28, 09 4:22 am  · 

      #1 - Thesis and Practice
      #2 - Kiva
      #3 - Plastic-a-holics

      Nice work!

      Mar 29, 09 9:54 pm  · 

      #1 - Kiva
      #2 - Your alphabet
      #3 - Plastic-o-holics and the one with the map of the US and the energy info.

      Wow - great work Erin thanks for sharing. I'd hire you in a minute...if I also had an office.

      Mar 31, 09 11:05 pm  · 

      link cloaker, I had a really hard time trimming it down because everyone I asked had good reasons for liking the pieces they did, and I compromised by showing several projects very briefly and only a couple of them more fully. I believe I went with the following lineup:

      * Open to Question (which I made other blog posts about but I don't think you guys have seen in full) (showed the long version)
      * Plastic-a-holics (long version)
      * Kiva (medium-length)
      * Electricity (short version)
      * Theory & Practice (short version)

      Nov 23, 10 7:56 pm  · 

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