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    Wait, you mean the quarter is over?! (aka, HELP!)

    By copper_top
    Dec 17, '08 6:41 PM EST

    Because I couldn’t tell. Seriously, I’m still working! Open to Question is scheduled to debut in April, so we’re full speed ahead with design refinements and talking to fabricators on that, and the thesis won’t be done until June. So really, the end of the quarter only meant that I had to turn in a paper, and wrap up grading for the class I TA’d.

    Oh, and I guess the other really unfortunate thing that wrapping up the quarter means is that I have to start thinking about looking for a j-o-b, to, you know, pay the bills and such after this whole MFA thing is over. It’s hard to believe that I’m 2/3rds of the way through grad school already! Anyway, I’m putting out a call to all you lovely archinectors, please comment here if you have any exhibit or wayfinding firms that you’ve worked with or heard of that do really fantastic work. Who are your favorite consultants, the ones who bring something really special to the process, and don’t just put signs on sticks?

    If I were sitting on Santa’s lap, I’d ask for a firm in one of the major metropolitan centers of the world (NYC, CHI-town, SF, Seattle, London, Dublin, or Melbourne preferred), who did large scale, system-sized work with fun materials, and if you really wanted to make me happy was well respected enough for their clients to give them a little extra creative license. So far, my list only encompasses 12 firms (Pentagram, MGMT, twotwelve, Ralph Applebaum, Poulin + Morris, Bruce Mau Design, thomas.matthews, 2x4, emerystudio, Frost, studio/lab, and C&G Partners), and I understand that in these troubled times, that’s just not a wide enough net to cast. Plus, while I generally feel that I’m an exceptional candidate, every one of those firms probably has a stack of portfolios up to their eyeballs full of people who would probably work for them for free, much less poor slobs like me who require payment. So, I welcome, nay beg, for suggestions on where I should be applying from the archinect community, so have at it!


    • WonderK

      I feel your pain.

      Dec 17, 08 10:28 pm  · 

      each of pentagram's offices is run as a separate business entity, so that expands your list a bit. sf office doesn't seem to do much environmental graphic work. a while back they had a string of jobs--sf zoo, sony metreon, museum of glass. that seems to have dried up. not much in-house expertise if sf.

      debra nichols in sf, ex SOM. good solid work. good architectural clients.
      carbone smolan nyc

      also is the resource.

      Dec 19, 08 1:12 pm  · 

      cowerd- thanks a bunch! I'll check them out. And that's why I'm primarily interested in the NYC office of Pentagram, though the London office could be fun too... but who am I kidding, how often do they even need to hire, anyway?! I've been searching the SEGD's awards list for projects that I like, then checking out the firms that did them, which is becoming quite the laborious process. But it did yield previously unknown gems like Frost and Emery, so it's giving me results, just very slowly.

      Dec 19, 08 2:16 pm  · 

      we had an interesting thread that covered the major players in the environmental graphics world...

      Dec 19, 08 3:54 pm  · 

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