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    regarding studio

    Will Payne
    Jan 29, '09 1:39 AM EST

    Our Shanghai Studio is going quite well - Lise Anne Couture of Asymptote was supposed to be in town today for a lecture and to critique our studio but was not able to make it due to snow. Unfortunate, but we hope that she will be able to make it out here to still give her lecture and give our studio a crit sometime next month.

    my project is looking at the dramatic lack of public open space in Shanghai and what such space could be used for if it did indeed exist. I've begun the project with a straight forward morphological approach - seeking to understand what I can through the statistics that are available. However, I've grown to realize the problem with that trajectory is that it can be difficult to identify a finishing point; a place where you really have enough data. So, in light of the limited time a quarter presents I've decided to articulate a few but well thought through questions regarding the introduction of new infrastructures into the city.

    what if new infrastructures generated new land?

    the diagram above illustrates a conceptual proposal for a new elevated public realm. a green parkway that connects those living in a very removed location from a very [spatially] limited public realm.

    what if this new land filtered and treated all storm, gray and black water in the city?

    an elevated layer provides opportunities in between to address how the city might more efficiently deal with storm water - these layers could provide filtration, storage and opportunities for re-use.

    how might this new infrastructure generate new technologies and techniques for healthy high densities?

    an infrastructure of this magnitude is a prime opportunity to engage progressive environmental research from ground to sky - soils, water[s], and air

    obviously the beginning but a start that i'm excited about - the next step involves addressing this notion of new infrastructures generating new land and what that really looks like. i will look at defining a hierarchy of pieces that will compose the new elevated public parkway - where it should/can be inserted. then i will zoom back in on the expo site and get into more details as to what the project looks like there.


    • That is kind of genius..

      Jan 29, 09 3:32 pm  · 

      hey, I just recently got accepted into UWash for the fall (2+ program). I have been doing crazy research to really get a handle on the school to see if it is truly where I want to end up...could I email you and ask you a few questions regarding the program there? I would really like the perspective of a student instead of just pictures and text on a website and limited correspondence with faculty.

      Mar 24, 09 1:46 pm  · 
      Kamu Kakizaki

      hey are you (were you) in the same year as Karen Esswein? She was my instructor for Arch210, she just graduated so maybe she's a year older than you...

      Aug 7, 09 7:58 pm  · 
      Kamu Kakizaki

      *not older, a year above you.

      Aug 7, 09 7:58 pm  · 

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