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    Autumn 08 Final

    Will Payne
    Dec 30, '08 12:16 AM EST

    Winter quarter is quickly approaching and I still have not posted final images from Autumn quarter studio. In the end this studio proved to be one of my favorite thus far here at the UW. Primarilly because it gave me the opportunity to dig deeply into the urban design portion of the project - which in turn provided a very rich framework that informed the final piece of architecture. Because this was an urban design studio, the building is not developed like it would normally be in a typical arch. studio. The driving force was the development of the public spaces that the building sought to create.

    The following diagrams illustrate the overall urban design concept illustrating how we dealt with circulation, flows, and the historic fabric within the neighborhood.

    These diagrams zoom into my site and illustrate the breakdown of public spaces, and how the building helps to filter and store storm water.

    The primary idea behind the building was two-fold. First, it sought to create a sunny public space for downtown Seattle while helping to define and activate edges on one side of a bordering square and a street to the north. Second, it sought to provide filtration and storage for storm water to both minimize and slow down flows into Elliot Bay.

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    • FrankLloydMike

      Killer diagrams.. very beautiful, very clear

      Dec 31, 08 9:52 am  · 

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