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    ...i'm back.

    By not_here
    Sep 10, '07 2:16 PM EST

    i'm back.
    the summer was awesome. SOM DC was a hell of an awesome experience.
    baltimore is still sketchy. i love sketchy. i love rotting.
    ann arbor sucks.

    let's see. let's start with a class schedule. what am i taking this semester?

    architectural design studio with g. wilkins.
    architectural representation with m. mccullough.
    theories in urban design with l. larsen.
    environmental technology 2 with m. navvab.

    i still find myself censoring 90% of the thoughts i'd like to write.
    therefore, enjoy.

    i'll post back with pretty pictures later.
    because that's why i'm here... it's all about the pretty pictures.


    • brer

      Ann Arbor sucks!? nahhh

      Good luck with Mr. Navvab, he can be less than ideal at times. Though, he did once tell me I have "beautiful eyes" and I'm a guy (might have had something to do with the vision test we were taking at the time).

      Sep 11, 07 11:24 am


      Sep 11, 07 1:09 pm

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