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    final project.

    By not_here
    Apr 30, '07 6:22 PM EST

    colin and i worked on this for the better part of the semester.
    at this moment i am way too tired to fully explain the l33tn3ss of this project (yeah, i used the word l33tn3ss. sue me.).
    ask questions, and i'll answer.

    catia vbscript on top.
    guide surfaces in red.
    instantiated parts on top of the surface create the building.
    they read their position within the surface and the ground and alter their shape accordingly.

    oh yeah. it's a natatorium.

    and im missing a zillion cool renders and plans because i jetted out of ann arbor 12 hours after our review. i'm in baltimore for the summer, commuting to DC to work at SOM. but that starts on the 21st. for now. video games, friends, partying and the senior week at johns hopkins that should have been mine.

    ps, my grades were far better than i expected, and i'm actually excited about next semester.


    • enjoy your summer - seems as if you've earned it. Curious complexities created by your shape...reflects a flexible deck truss. good stuff

      May 1, 07 12:43 am

      the script at the top-way to nerd up our project.... still it was fun. i'll try to get another post up with more images soon, seriously. i've got all of our files compiled it's almost 8g at this point, so i'll have to wait till next semester to get them to you.

      May 1, 07 1:06 am
      Ben Foster

      From what I've seen, I like the project a lot. What year/professor are you/taking? Good luck this summer!

      May 1, 07 3:21 pm

      this is karl daubman's studio on our first year third semester 3G Program. It was an amazing experience in the sense that Karl totally allowed us to explore the technical aspects behind designing this "thing". We had a very different project, in terms of method, when compared to that of most if not all of our classmates.

      May 1, 07 3:26 pm
      Ben Foster

      I'll have to look into him- I'm going to UofM grad starting this fall.

      May 1, 07 3:38 pm

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