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Nov '06 - Nov '06

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    By mespellrong
    Nov 14, '06 5:58 PM EST

    Welcome to the newest kid on the block....

    That's the view from our studio window. 12 stories up in the cupola of one of Sullivan's most famous works, and we get to watch both the construction of the infamous block 37 and the more banal transformation of state street. The best view according to the workers on the rehab of the space was directly out the window - into the dorm across the street. Apparently art students don't know how to use curtains...

    Last year I was at Archeworks and my talented colleague Pamela entertained me with her Archinectblog of the experience - it was in many ways like vicariously reliving your school experience from another perspective. So I figured it might be fun to try and do the same for others. Of course, I didn't realize that she had stated her blog while at SAIC - so the whole thing starts to look like a recursive blog - or, for the optimistic, a continuous one, with different contributors.

    I am optimistic about SAIC by the way - In searching through schools I heard a lot about globalization, research based design, and artistic approaches to design, but these folks convinced me that they were really interested in doing something about it - and have the faculty to back it up.

    We've already had our summer boot camp, so you've missed the chance to see me cry in my milk. Now that we've grown up to real classes, I'll have to cry in my beer.

    As for the student me - well I was a hyphenated architect in my former career (I've had business cards that say information architect, IT architect, as well as my favorite, learning architect), and I decided to simplify my life. Also, I'd like to make buildings at some point. There will be some cool digital convergence/cybernetic architecture things to say at a later point, but I'll save that for when we get there.


    • mespellrong

      Apparently the image didn't work -- go figure. Let's try again...

      Nov 14, 06 6:03 pm

      Karl! Finally...I have been waiting. Did you see I already made some IIT'ers mad with a posting I made? I went to IIT's "this is our graduate program" half day thingy...needless to say I've crossed IIT off my list.

      Hope school is going well, continue your "rapport" with Anders...
      -what about my "Actually I like Crap" pictures? I know your a busy art school student with lasers now...

      Nov 14, 06 9:10 pm
      Erik Schonsett

      Do you know Lukaz or David Leary? They are a former classmate / teacher of mine. Thy're teaching this year at the Art Institute. You should really seek them out...amazing people.

      Nov 15, 06 10:50 am

      Hi Pamela -- yea, I've been off to a slow start. sorry about that. I'll catch up.

      Erik -- I've had several productive engagements with David Leary, who seems like a thoughtful, kind decent teacher.

      Nov 15, 06 2:47 pm

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