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    first built project

    By Devin
    Feb 18, '05 7:24 PM EST

    This is my first built design. The college held a competition to design an information kiosk that would occupy the courtyard between the college's two buildings. The winning kiosk was to be built. Its purpose was to provide a central place to post information and details for events. The design team was myself, Steve Valev, Kris Olmon, and Jaime Walter.

    We wanted to do away with the traditional kiosk and create a framework for the continuous flow of ideas. Over time, as posters layer on top of each other, the kiosk would disappear and leave only the information itself behind.

    We also wanted it to be an occupiable space, so that it might be more interactive and less of an object for posting on.

    It was an incredibly educational experience to actually build the project, as we had to fight many battles, and convince many people of our idea.

    Here it is in fabrication.


    On the day of installation.


    After a week of use.



    • danarellano

      what kind of steel did you use? Did you fabricate it yourself?

      Feb 18, 05 11:17 pm  · 

      have people been sitting inside the loop? it would be nice to sit inside and read a book.

      Feb 19, 05 10:15 am  · 

      It was made from 14 guage and 1 inch pipe along the edges. It was actually fabricated by a great local comapny called k-zell metals, they do some great stuff.

      I have seen quite a few people sitting on the bench and going out of their way to read announcements. I have even seen people sit in it for at least an hour, reading or doing homework.

      Feb 21, 05 12:34 am  · 

      how do people post on it? tape? I like it a lot, but think it would've been really cool to see it have some pin-up-able material on it, like a cork on one side of it or something!

      Mar 5, 05 4:54 pm  · 

      Do people like to hang on it? I know I would...

      Mar 5, 05 11:55 pm  · 

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