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    fourth year studio

    By Devin
    Feb 12, '05 10:39 PM EST

    Sorry for the delay in posting my first entry, but as usual things have been very busy.

    I will do my best to post regularly from now on.

    My studio this semester is taught by Terry Surjan, who incidentally, was announced recently as one of the finalists for the Flight 93 Memorial.

    Terry has organized this studio so that it is non-traditional. Non-traditional in the sense that by halfway through the semester all of the students will have come together behind one project to construct the design full-scale. At this point in the semester we have already organized ourselves into two or three constantly evolving groups.

    Our assignment is to create a space that is constructed from a series of adaptable components which will be designed and produced using strictly digital means of design and fabrication. So, basically our project starts with designing the building component, rather than starting with the overall design scheme—we are designing the brick rather than the house.

    The goal of our studio, as I see it, is to take advantage of the possibilities of mass-customization afforded by cnc and laser cutting technologies. The possibilities are, as Terry says, that the laser cutter doesn't care if you want to produce 1000 identical parts (mass-production) or 1000 distinctive parts (mass-customization).

    Terry taught a similar studio two years ago, hear are some pictures of their award-winning design:


    Here are some of our early component designs:


    I feel that, given the collaborative nature of this studio, I should give credit to all the studio members:

    Zack Aders
    Dennis Bartolomeo
    Anson Chen
    Eric Combs
    Justin Dahl-James
    Josh Davit
    Mike Duffy
    Karl Eicher
    Kyle Larkin
    Jason Ploszaj
    Nils Satterstrom
    Angela Sinclair
    Dat Tran
    Steve Valev
    Greg Wedge
    and me, Devin Harvath


    • sssimon

      you're a good dude devin

      Feb 13, 05 12:54 am  · 

      thanks for posting this...looks like a great studio...I am interested in the ASU grad program so this is nice to see...looking forward to the development over the semester.

      Feb 13, 05 10:47 am  · 

      Looks Interesting
      Say hello to Terry for me


      Apr 22, 05 5:50 pm  · 

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