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    terminal_3 mid-review

    By xtbl
    Feb 7, '05 10:47 PM EST

    well, i had my mid-review for studio this afternoon, and damn i'm tired... up all night creating. well, it went really well. i was falling behind last week because i was too busy concentrating on other classes's midterms, but i feel pretty good about myself now. my critic said i had a beautiful building and that i was off to a good start. of course there are things that need to be worked out, such as massaging the building into the site and figuring out how my structure's gonna work =D so i've still got plenty to keep me busy! now off to sleep...


    site plan





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    • drs

      Damn strait - there's something beautiful about that building! I would say that I prefer it from above, rather than at ground level, but maybe that's what you want 'cause most people will be appreciating it from the air!

      Feb 10, 05 7:13 pm  · 

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