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    010 - Folanized

    By jpemery
    Oct 26, '04 3:14 AM EST

    We've passed the midpoint in the semester and things are really heating up. Between keeping my construction documents group organized, and moving into building design, my plate has become very full. This does make things interesting though, and I really am enjoying myself again.

    For construction documents, we've hit the 35% submission point, and I'm very pleased with my group. I feel like we've done a very good job and I hope that everyone is happy with our progress. Almost the entire building has been realized in CAD now, in full 3D, and I must say this: Autocad 2004 solids modeling is a sad excuse for a comprehensive modeling solution. I'd really like to start training on a system that can more effectively handle the level of detail we've applied. Now don't get me wrong, autocad's a great program, but I want more. Personal Project: learn CATIA V5

    In addition, the eden pavilion is in full swing now. I'll go into more detail at a later date, but my project is going to make an attempt to look at material and method as a part of a bigger cycle, rather than a singular realization. Adobe mass walls integrated with a steel structural system. Obviously there's a lot more there.... but cmon, this a blog, not a dissertation, right?! Ok. Below is a study image of the adobe massing, and then the cover page to our FANTASTIC 35% submission.


    • MADianito

      acad sux for 3d.... my suggestion: easy and realiable RHINO

      if u have more time then learn something else like CATIA or MAYA or FORM Z or whatever u want...

      rhino is easy and u will modelling in 1 day

      and sorry but i have to make this comment/question....why in school we can't have a regular project (as a house, or housing dwellings, or a supermarket if u want) to stretch our design skills...and then we need/they give us this funky named projects (like MART: museum of art from reproductive technologies) to explode design...can't we do it for "normal" usual stuff???, how many MART's we will design in proffesional life???...anyway sorry...besides that i like ur images... :-)

      Oct 26, 04 1:43 pm


      Don't lose all hope. I designed a supermarket for a downtown area (mostly businesses) my junior year of undergrad. You had to rethink the model of a supermarket because there were not many people who lived in the area, I enjoyed the project more than some of the hip ones I did.

      Oct 26, 04 3:55 pm

      yeah i still have hope, but i wish teachers and tutors can think in a wider view... yeah i dont think students r the problem but teachers that can't think of "regular" daily stuff to develop in a cool/decent/experimental way....

      but im also delighted to see that some students still aproach a theme as a supermarket with such enthusiasm

      Oct 27, 04 7:49 am

      After I finished the project, I discovered the Pamphlet architecture that Lewis Tsurmaki Lewis did. All the projects are super interesting and creative, but are apartments, markets, clothing stores, etc. I just got so tired of designing museums every freaking year. I think I had to design at least 4 museums in my undergraduate career.

      Oct 27, 04 12:06 pm

      yeah...i know what u obsolete this idea of the museums... and then see how many museums cities have around the world...or the ratio between citizens in a city vs museums capacity (in the same city) but anyway...lets keep learning to design doing museums...

      in my previous office we actually got this comission to design a sex shop... very interesting, fun, and enjoyable task...way more interesting than a museum (by the way we were working also in the next "mexican museum" @ San Francisco)

      Oct 27, 04 1:15 pm

      are those images from autocad? cuz if they are, ive never seen autocad do that before

      Oct 31, 04 1:41 am

      Sounds like you have a good group to collaborate with. My CAD group was not so productive, and I am happy to see someone with what seems to be a cohesive and productive group doing well. challenge coins - baseball trading pins

      Aug 22, 10 5:44 pm

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