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  • 012 - What is the eden pavilion?

    By jpemery
    Dec 3, '04 3:43 AM EST

    on the boards...


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  • 011 - Not Funny Anymore

    By jpemery
    Nov 8, '04 12:34 AM EST

  • 010 - Folanized

    By jpemery
    Oct 26, '04 3:14 AM EST

    We've passed the midpoint in the semester and things are really heating up. Between keeping my construction documents group organized, and moving into building design, my plate has become very full. This does make things interesting though, and I really am enjoying myself again. For construction... View full entry

  • 009 - Phase II Complete

    By jpemery
    Oct 11, '04 1:59 AM EST

    Thus concludes the "flow" exercise. Below is the final synthesis acheived through the process of the last four weeks. I'd be ranting more if I wasn't so pleased with the final results. ( that is, assuming I do not question whether or not it is reasonable to base the concept of the building on some... View full entry

  • 008 - Selected Rants, Vol. 1

    By jpemery
    Oct 6, '04 10:06 PM EST

    I am always torn between whether or not our "conceptual" exercises are worth the time. As a whole, I can look back on the exercises done throughout my studio education and say that yes, most of them have helped me as a student and as a person. This is not to say that every exercise is well... View full entry

  • 007 - Flowbox of Consternation

    By jpemery
    Oct 1, '04 2:21 AM EST

    Frustration. How else to describe projects which only address architecture in roundabout ways? I like to be creative and all, but you'd think these exercises could have a little bit more flexibility and a little bit less, well, FLOW. (Observe below) Now, this project deals with the concept of... View full entry

  • 006 - Victory is Mine

    By jpemery
    Sep 19, '04 3:21 AM EST

    So last semester, one of our professors offered up a competition opportunity, put on by the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association. It was, obviously, for an innovative roof design. Now only 4 months after turning in my submission, I was informed that I won! Hooray! 1 free semester is always a... View full entry

  • 005 - The Terrifying Le Corbusier

    By jpemery
    Sep 10, '04 1:05 PM EST

    Today we will present the philips pavilion to our crits, in all its paper mache/ pourstone glory. I realize now that the Philips Pavilion was wholly unsuited for a precedent study which was supposed to focus on systems integration, which makes me wonder why it was put on the list of acceptable... View full entry

  • 004 - Labor [intensive] Day Weekend

    By jpemery
    Sep 7, '04 4:44 AM EST

    Model building is super fun! Observe the fruits of my group's labor in building the aforementioned philips pavilion. Also observe my attempts at modeling what will become our building for the construction documents class mentioned in entry 002! tired JP View full entry

  • 003 - Philips Pavilion

    By jpemery
    Sep 4, '04 2:05 AM EST

    For studio we are now in groups of three, preparing to create models of various precedent studies. Because our semester project will be an exhibition building, so will be our precedent. Mine is the Philips Pavilion by Le Corbu / Iannis Xenakis. The construction of a sectional scale model at 1/4=1'... View full entry

  • 002-Construction and Destruction

    By jpemery
    Sep 1, '04 3:41 AM EST

    Our construction documents course will be realizing between 25-50 pages of documentation (per group of 5) for a building on the site shown below. We studied the existing conditions in 105 degree heat for a couple of hours. The existing brick wall shown will require extensive documentation in order... View full entry

  • 001-The Salk Institute

    By jpemery
    Aug 30, '04 11:58 PM EST

    Our fourth year class at the U of Arizona has returned from our first fieldtrip: The Salk Institute. The highlight of the tour was a trip through a virendeel truss, which holds the buildings many systems. The Salk Institute is an amazing building. Its tight yet flexible integration of systems into... View full entry

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