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    i die, you eat,

    By oe
    Sep 10, '04 7:41 PM EST

    I know where I am, but I dont seem to be where I find myself. yeah. Architecture has eaten me for supper like a woman. Frankenstien monsters with arms of a thousand corpse arms and eyes of a thousand corpse eyes bleeding from the fingers knash thier thousand corpse teeth and consume eachother like sumos and rats. O' this blessed hypnerotomachia polyphili of horrors, baby frankenjesus amen,

    Today: work on my little nano-antfarm: site-analysis archi-porn: etc,



    Tomorrow: my best friend will leave me forever and I will live out my life in tormented agony i guess.


    • alphanumericcha

      oe, what is your thesis project. ant-farm? archi-porn? what is that?
      talk to me.....

      Sep 10, 04 11:27 pm  · 

      Sorry for the great delay in my response, I spent the weekend enjoying the white mountains of New Hampshire with the love of my life before she makes her bittersweet depart for Cuzco, Peru.

      Um, as some explanation for my schizophrenia, I am currently working on two simultaneous projects and my head is spread rather thinner than usual. The first is an examination of air-rights in boston for design studio, images forthcoming, and the second is the proposal for my thesis project which will likely be a cemetery in Boston or Maine or New York or Machu Picchu. Yea, one of those four places most likely. All the depressing reading Ive been doing has been making me a bit crazy, but I promise to post my thoughts with some clarity when such an occasion arises,

      Thank you for your interest, :)

      Sep 15, 04 11:00 pm  · 

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