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    Future and dreams

    yan li
    By yan li
    May 3, '21 2:54 PM EST

    On the long road of life, the future can always give us unlimited imagination and creation. It always gives people a wonderful feeling, which makes people pursue and look forward to success. This is the power of the future. I don’t know what my future will look like, but I can create my future and realize my dreams. In my mind, the future is still a mystery. It requires me to explore and discover and lets me open up my future. For example, I can prepare myself to learn more knowledge and be creative.  I think that as long as you set your goals and stick to them, you have a chance to realize your dreams. Even if it can't be achieved, it can become better than before.


    I want to be an architect, but I know this road is long and requires a lot of knowledge. I am advancing towards my goal. I am a student at Woodbury University. I transferred from a community college to Woodbury in the fall of 2020. In this way, I am a little closer to my goal. Although, there will be more challenges in the future. This is my second semester in Woodbury. I chose to study architecture because when I was a child, I watched my father build a house in our hometown, and I thought it was amazing.


    Since buildings have to meet many requirements of different people, architects are required to have the ability to solve complex design and construction processes. Therefore, I not only have to learn the knowledge taught by the professor but also need to broaden my horizons. I hope that I can travel to other countries in the future vacation and learn about the architecture of different countries. I hope to become an architect who can create that positively affects people's lives in the future, such as green buildings that can protect the environment, improve people's living standards, and bring people a comfortable and safe living environment. Of course, this requires me to keep learning. In addition, I have no work experience in this area. First, I may have to find a related job in the summer so that I can enrich myself by learning from it.



    • jordanh88402199

      Lucid dreams are quite extravagant.

      Jul 22, 21 12:35 am  · 

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