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    Light and shadow

    yan li
    By yan li
    Mar 10, '21 4:59 AM EST

    Light is the most beautiful scenery in nature and the most important energy for people. Speaking of light always inseparable from the shadow. Light comes from artificial light and natural light. Artificial light can come from electric lamps and candles, and natural light can come from lightning, sun, moon, and fire. The characteristic of light is that it can produce shadows and colors.  The function of light can be illumination and decoration.

     When photographing some beautiful natural scenery, photographers always wait for the opportunity to capture natural light. They may wait for a long time to keep good memories. This light may be the first light when the sun rises in the early morning.  Or the last light when the sun sets in the evening. These lights can bring different feelings and effects to people. When the light of dawn passes through the woods, and the fog in the woods forms a wonderful visual effect, and the trees have only shadows. It's like a bright future in the endless darkness.

     The application of light and shadow in architecture adds agility to architecture, and the freedom and change of light and shadow bring people a visual impact. Brings a sense of mystery and vitality to architecture. For example, the Church of Light is enclosed by solid and thick concrete to create a dark space, so that people who enter it instantly feel isolated from the outside world, but the sunlight enters the space from the horizontal and vertical cross openings of the wall. Form a luminous cross, bringing light, holiness, and shock to people in the dark. The Water Cube is equipped with LED lights, which will produce special effects at night, making people feel this building is dynamic. The use of light can add a sense of hierarchy and interest to the building. Using the contrast of light and darkness sometimes changes the size of the overall space, and people have a strong interest in light. So, the combination of light and architecture is very important.

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