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    Strength Lies in Differences, Not in Similarities.

    By hillarylu
    Mar 16, '21 7:27 PM EST

    Let’s talk about diversity in architecture. Architecture is still largely a white occupation, but research has consistently shown that a diverse workforce boosts business innovation, growth, discourse, and problem-solving. The importance of diversity in architecture is that it allows artists to better serve the societies within which they are building. When big choices are taken, community-minded planning offers leaders with a diverse range of groups that live in various neighborhoods. When more diverse teams are found in design companies, those with underrepresented backgrounds will see the discipline as more attainable or inspiring. 

    Here is a chart from 2017:

    Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, The American Institute of Architects; National Architectural Accrediting Board "2017 Annual Report on Architectural Education"

    I believe that BIPOC are still underrepresented. In classes, we always learn about the same architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, etc but I think it would be more impactful to learn about more diverse architects. By including diversity in this profession it will potentially add new ideas to the table when it comes to design. More inventive solutions will be proposed. We will see more architectural creativity from previously unheard backgrounds. More innovative solutions may have a positive impact on the design community. New technologies and visions have the potential to change the constructed and interactive environments while also inspiring people to pursue careers in this field. Our world is full of diversity, it’s time to start encouraging diversity in the architecture profession as well.

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      I don't know, it seems to me that it's always about diversity of appearance never about diversity of opinion...everybody can look different as long as they have the same opinions, no?

      Mar 24, 21 5:04 am  · 
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      Same with "inclusion". We will include everyone who thinks just like we do.

      Oct 9, 21 5:34 pm  · 
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      Creating the illusion of diversity is the goal.

      Nov 28, 21 3:02 pm  · 

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